Hotel with 41 rooms,Pub, Restaurant, 4 VLTs British Columbia

Industry: Motels


Property Type : Hotels

Lot Size : 1 Acre

Hotel with 41 rooms,Pub, Restaurant, 4 VLTs


General Information

Main Industry : Oil Field / Farming
Population : 2,000
Room Sales : $500,000 + / Bar Sales $120,000+
VLT Income : $40,000 +
Net Income : About $400,000
Distance from Vancouver : 12 hr+ (1,100 Km)
Lot : 1 Acre
Building : 8,000+ sqft


No Direct Contact with On Site Management

Sutton Group-1st West Realty
118-3030 Lincoln Avenue
Coquitlam, BC VIY 2E5
PHONE 604-358-2111

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