Super 8 Merritt British Columbia

Industry: Motels


  • Property Type : Motels
  • Zoning               : CL1
  • Address             : 3561 Voght St. Merritt
  • Price                   : $3,300,000
  • Sales / Y            : 6,500,000
  • Income / Y       : 300,000
  • Bedrooms        : 32
  • Lot Size             : 1 Acre

Detailed Information

Address : 3561 Voght St Merritt

PID: 017-846-323

36 Rooms / Restaurant

Sales per Year


Business Environment

–     Closer than Vancouver Island

–     1 Acre Lot with popular restaurant tenant

–     2.5 hours drive from Vancouver / 271 km

–     Stop-over place for the Rocky Mountains Chinese Tour

–     Revenue Increase Potential by Chinese Tour Marketing

–     TOLKO, Saw Mill appointed as Thermo Energy Company

                                –      Located along the highway and hub city to major citites

–     Over 8,000 people / Summer Tourist attractions /

–     Camping, Golfing, Hiking and Biking

Contact the Agent

Tim Seo

Real Estate Investment Consultant
Tim Seo is a Korean-Canadian immigrant and REALTOR® in Vancouver & British Columbia Province, Canada. Having studied Engineering and Business Administration in Korea and Australia, he had worked as a CEO at consumer industry. With over 20 years of real Estate related experience, he is dedicated to provide customers with quality, customized service that meets the real estate needs of each client. He respects the five spirits like courtesy, honor, endurance, perseverance and unflinching spirit that have been upheld for over several centuries by the martial art practitioners and this characteristics also made him to be equipped with the essence of values for client, honesty and reliability. He commits to you that he would always endeavor to deliver the caring customer service that you deserve. If you need a real estate investment consultant or a realtor with a great heart as well as solid knowledge and performance, you can contact timseo…